Professional Scrum with User Experience (PSU)

9:30am – 5:00pm
Wednesday, Nov 1, 2023 to Thursday, Nov 2, 2023
Eastern Time (EST/EDT)

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Lean UX book cover, by Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden

Created in Partnership with the Authors of Lean UX

The curriculum is created in partnership with Jeff Gothelf & Josh Seiden. PSU is the cutting-edge course for anyone coaching an organization toward high quality user experience. Training materials are created and maintained by Ken Schwaber and the PST community — always in tune with latest practices.

Course Topics

  • Empiricism
  • Single Backlog
  • Experiment-driven design cycle
  • Frame work as problems to solve
  • How Scrum with UX enhances continuous learning
  • Focus on users
  • Outcomes over outputs
  • Manage UX work in Scrum
  • Incremental design & development
  • Common Myths (e.g., “Dual-track Agile”)

Bridging the Gap Between Scrum & Design Practices

Designer drawing wireframes on paper, by Kelly Sikkema found at Unsplash

Design activities rarely seem to fit into “Sprints”. And it often feels appropriate to perform design work ahead of development. As a result, many teams struggle to incorporate all team members in the feedback loops that lead to high-quality design. This struggle is real, but solving this problem is worth the effort.

Development risks are mitigated by working in small, reversible steps — like the Sprint cadence. Scrum encourages teams to produce slices of new functionality each Sprint — design, development, testing, and delivery seem to occur simultaneously. As a result, many teams struggle to incorporate design activities that span multiple Sprints. This struggle is real, but solving this problem helps ensure the team is both building the right thing and the building the thing right.

The Professional Scrum with User Experience (PSU) course is a hands-on exploration of modern UX practices with Scrum. Learn UX techniques that fit beautifully with Scrum and practice these techniques with cross-functional teams in class.

Who Should Attend?

PSU is for anyone attempting to integrate the UX specialty with incremental & iterative development of product.

What You Get

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Expert instruction with Professional Scrum Trainer & Professional Kanban Trainer, David Sabine.
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What People Say

David is an exceptional trainer. Nobody should think twice if given a chance to take his classes.

PSU participant

David is an exceptional speaker and has an exceptionally high level of knowledge and experience.

Director of DevOps & Services, D+H Corporation

Very professional and knowledgeable instructor. It was an interactive class so never bored. I highly recommend for anyone and any level.

Senior Technology Executive

David is a knowledgeable teacher with a wealth of experience, and he is a caring coach who will help you understand how to use Scrum and grow as a professional.

Former Teacher, Transitioning to Scrum Master

David explains each concept in a manner that not only engages the participant but also encourages and challenges. I sincerely thank him for this wonderful and engaging material.

PSU participant

David is a great presenter. The tools he uses to deliver the content are brilliant. I really enjoyed it and will keep an eye out for future opportunities for my team.

Director Product Development, Deighton Associates

David is a brilliant, positive, uplifting individual who is just a joy to be around. He is one of the most inspiring teachers I’ve had the honour to learn from. Taking a course with David at the helm is a ticket to your future success.

Scrum Master, Georgian College

In over 25 years in business, I have taken dozens of professional development courses and seminars, including 16 courses as part of an executive MBA, and against that backdrop I would rank David among the most effective facilitators I have had.

Program Director, BMO

David is the epitome of what trainers should strive to be. David is a practicing trainer, where he not only provides world-class trainings but lives the Agile mindset in practice...I hold him in a very small number of trainers I have no hesitation recommending to my clients.

VP, Contino

Dave was a great instructor with vast knowledge. The insights provided help clarify some questions or confusion. The interactive tooling used in the class (Mural) was impressive and the scenario based group session really helped to solidify the material.

Forensics Security Engineer

I recommend the PSU course to someone that wants to learn about Scrum, UX practices and even some Product Backlog guidance. Hands on exercises in the class helps bring the concepts together. I enjoyed taking this course and will be applying learnings at my workplace.

Senior Manager, Development

David is one of the few experts that can blend the world of UX & Scrum. He calls upon his rich experience with design teams to share examples of how to improve performance. Exercises are spread out through the course giving the participants ample time to experience the learning.

VP Sales

A dynamic, content-packed, hands-on class with lots of scenarios and case studies. The instructor was open, committed, helpful, punctual, fun, and a true coach (Socratic in many great ways). It was great to hear examples of real life application from his expertise in the area, a great learning experience overall.

Customer Value Architect

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I have trained thousands of Scrum & Kanban practitioners worldwide.

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As Professional Kanban Trainer (PKT) with and Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) with, I work to improve the profession of software delivery. I help organizations deliver products and services of the highest possible quality and value.

My career highlights the intersection of business, technology, and education. With broad experience, I help organizations and teams understand agility at all levels: practice and delivery, leadership and stewardship, organizational design and culture.

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