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As I write this, there are 46 people worldwide authorized by the authors of The Kanban Guide to deliver Professional Kanban courses. I am honoured to be part of that expert community. I am a Professional Kanban Trainer with

My clients frequently request Kanban training. The first Kanban course I delivered was in 2015 — by that time, I had a few years experience with Kanban in the workplace (with software teams mostly, but not exclusively). I am always happy to share my experience with Kanban with teams, managers, and executives so they too can apply Kanban in their work.

As demand for my Kanban classes grew, I considered publishing a condensed Kanban guide for my clients. Sure, Lean Kanban University (LKU) had already produced a set of courses and books for a prescription they call “The Kanban Method” but I felt the world — and my clients — needed a more concise, simpler approach.

Fortunately, Daniel Vacanti (of ActionableAgile) was further along than I. He was already working with others (including some of our mutual colleagues at and in mid-2020 he published The Kanban Guide and was founded to support the guide’s development and to produce accompanying training courses.

The moment I saw the launch of and The Kanban Guide, I immediately set a goal to be tested by that expert community and become a Professional Kanban Trainer. In July, 2021, I became PKT (Professional Kanban Trainer).

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David Sabine
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